Data for a learning healthcare system – on-line symposium

July 1, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Evert-Ben Van Veen

Healthcare and health protection have always evolved by learning from learning form patients’ experience. The loop from practice to improved health care and health (protection) policies mediated by patient data and patient experiences being used for benchmarking, research, and public debate, is nowadays recognised as a ‘learning health care system’.  How does this work in practice? What are drivers and barriers for such a learning health care system to come into fuller fruition, in the Netherlands as well in Europe? What role did the GDPR play in this respect and what role might the coming European Health Data Space (EHDS) play in the future? 

These issues will be explored from various angles at this symposium. A range of speakers will introduce practical and professional experiences with patient registries, (observational) health research, and will discuss and debate recent regulatory developments and the various values or ethical principles which are involved in data sharing, an essential requirement for enabling a learning health care system to work. The presentations will be concluded with a panel discussion.  

This symposium should offer new insights which can lead to improving learning health care systems in the future. It also marks the occasion of MLCF founder Evert-Ben van Veen’s 70th birthday and his gradual retirement of MLCF.  

The location is an ‘environmentally circular’ meeting venue (and isn’t a learning health care system circular as well?), easily accessible by public transport. Online attendance is also possible, though with limited opportunities to join in on the discussion. The programme starts at 13h30 (walk-in from 13h), with drinks from 17h onwards. 

Please register for attendance here.