EXIMIOUS Symposium ‘Risk assessment of mixed exposures: particles, carcinogens, and EU policies’

September 28, 2023 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This fifth EXIMIOUS Symposium is open to all audiences, and this time, we will focus on the topic of combined exposures. People are often exposed to multiple substances from different sources at the same time. What kind of “cocktail effects” arise when several chemicals mix? And how can we accurately and efficiently assess the health risks caused by such mixed exposures?

Our three invited experts will present their latest research on the topic, each highlighting a different aspect. After learning about the link between inhaling particles and cardiovascular disease from EXIMIOUS researcher Prof. Ulla Vogel, we will dive into the topic of combined exposure to various carcinogens (Prof. Tiina Santonen). The symposium will be concluded by a talk on the role of combined exposure in the REACH regulation (Dr. Violaine Verougstraete). As usual, a dedicated time for Q&A will follow each of the presentations.

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