Register now! EHEN events on city life, consumer products, and chemical “cocktails”

The “exposome” approach to research looks at the impact of multiple, simultaneous exposures. This month, three EHEN events, on-line and open to all, will showcase this approach in action.

Click here to register for the HEAP project’s First International Consumer Purchase Data and Health (CPD) Symposium on 27th September (pm). Presenters will explore the vast array of ways CPD can be used to improve public health and ensure the safety of consumers, from aiding outbreak investigations, to assessing the health effects of chemical exposures and nutrition. A panel discussion will address the future use of CPD in public health and research.

On 28th September (am), the LongITools project team invites you to register for their Policy Forum – “Navigating the Urban Exposome for Policy Solutions”. The forum will feature presentations on the link between urban planning, health, policy, and quality of life, and in particular on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Also on 28th September (pm), EXIMIOUS will host a Symposium – “Risk assessment of mixed exposures: particles, carcinogens, and EU policies”. This event will focus on the “cocktail effects” that can arise when several chemicals mix, and ways to assess their impact on health. Topics include the link between inhaling particles and cardiovascular disease, combined exposure to various carcinogens, and the role of combined exposure in the REACH regulation. Click here to register.

All these events will give participants the chance to ask questions or contribute to discussions.

The detailed agendas are on the EHEN events page

September 13, 2023