The Exposome – video highlights reel


Collectively, the EHEN projects have produced 56 videos, covering everything from the exposome itself, to presentations of research tools, training materials, symposia and more…

The Exposome in under five-minutes …

This animated explainer from LongITools is a handy overview of the exposome, while EXPANSE presents some short interviews with scientists summarising the challenges and opportunities of exposome research.

Project overviews

The Athlete project’s overview video is available in 10 different languages, while Remedia’s project overview is also available in French.

Research tools

The HEAP project presents key features of their informatics platform that is currently being tested and developed.

Webinars and tutorials

The Athlete project’s webinar series started in December 2022 with a session on prenatal exposures to pesticides, while HEAP presents a series of five short animated adventures  with some valuable data management lessons, starring FAIR frog and Data Gator.


Visit the Eximious YouTube channel for their full Symposia series, including an event held in June 2022 on immune differentiation linked to age and exposure.

The HEAP YouTube channel has a playlist featuring all 12 of the presentations from their 2022 symposium on the theme of “Frontiers of Exposome research”. Talks cover a wide range of topics, from the potential of biobanking for exposome research, to the latest scientific insights offered by tracking the personal exposome with wearable sensors.

January 17, 2023