Human exposome assessment platform

The Human Exposome Assessment Platform project is developing an informatics platform to analyse large datasets on environmental exposures and their health effects.

Project video (4 mins)
Key publications

Published in Environmental Epidemiology, the HEAP profile paper introduces the HEAP informatics platform and the sub-projects being used to test it.

A full list of scientific publications linked to the project is available here.

Public deliverables

Click here for the full list of public deliverables.

Prof Joakim Dillner
Scientific Director. Medical Diagnostics Karolinska, Karolinska University Hospital, Head of Unit, Center for Cervical Cancer Elimination

Roxana Merino Martinez (Project Manager)

Helena Andersson (Project administration)


Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (Project Coordination)

CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland

European Science Infrastructure Services, Finland

Logical Clocks AB, Sweden

Medical University of Graz, Austria

MLC Foundation, Netherlands

Statens Serum Institut, Denmark

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France

University of Innsbruck, Austria

University of Oulu, Finland

University of Warsaw, Poland

March 12, 2015