Aims of the Communication and Dissemination Working Group

The aim of this Working Group is to promote the visibility, awareness and impact of the work and results produced by the EHEN network, over and above that which can be achieved by individual projects.

The main tasks of this working group are:

* To implement a common strategy for communication and dissemination of network and project activities, and a common stakeholder engagement strategy, streamlining project-specific strategies

* To promote activities and results of the network to a large audience of relevant stakeholders, employing a range of communication and dissemination tools and translating the results into accessible content

* To develop a virtual exposome toolbox with an inventory of all tools developed in the projects

Working methods

The Working Group meets on-line every 6 weeks/2months. Ongoing projects include:

* Development of communication and dissemination tools, including a virtual exposome toolbox

* Development of a common stakeholder engagement strategy

* Supporting the development and implementation of EHEN’s policy strategy, or the translation of scientific evidence to health policy


Leadership of the Communications and Dissemination Working Group is shared between projects, and changes every 15 months, as outlined below:

March 2021- June 2022: Athlete (Ivonne Leenen) and Equal Life (Peter van den Hazel)

July 2022-Oct 2023: Longitools (Johanne Boulding) and Eximious (Emily Ciscato)

Oct 2023-Dec 2024: Ephor, Hedimed, Remedia

Project representatives are:

Athlete:  Ivonne Leenan

Ephor: Anjoeka Pronk/Astrid Kruizinger

Equal Life: Peter van den Hazel

Eximious: Emily Ciscato

Expanse: Martje Ebberink

HEAP: Heather Coombs

Hedimed: Daniel Schmidtmann

LongITools: Claire Webster

Remedia: Roberta Zanchi

May 17, 2022