Aims of the Metadata Working Group

The aim of the Metadata Working Group is to lead a collaborative effort to harmonise and standardise the different metadata models used by exposome researchers. This will enable interoperability between the data sets, which include data cohorts, biobanks and exposure databases.

The group also develops recommendations on data sustainability and data legacy, with the aim of creating a sustainable metadata infrastructure.

The key tasks of the Metadata Working group are to:

  • Create an overview of all data sources used in the EHEN projects and identify potential overlaps
  • Coordinate data inventory and data harmonization efforts between projects
  • Find the most practical ways to harmonize or integrate IT/data access, and to consolidate or link metadata catalogues
  • Develop an EHEN FAIR data catalogue and an overview of data management tools/standards
Working methods

The Metadata Working Group is divided into four sub-groups:

  • Omics data sub-group
    • The omics data variables to be harmonised have been identified and summarised in a data model proposal. The HEAP project is already implementing a similar data model which can be a “proof of concept” for the EHEN omics data model.
  • Harmonisation protocols sub-group
    • Harmonisation protocols have been agreed for key medical and clinical variables in the data sets used by Athlete and LongiTools. Ephor is currently starting this process
  • Chemical sub-group
    • This group has conducted reviews of chemical exposure-related variables and a draft proposal of ontology of chemicals and biomarkers
  • Metadata Catalogue
    • A new Metadata Catalogue has been developed for LongiTools and Athlete with more EHEN projects to follow

The Metadata Working Group Coordinators are:

  • Morris Swertz (Athlete and LongITools), Richard Hulek (Expanse) and Eleanor Hyde (Athlete and LongITools)

Leaders of the subgroups are:

  • Omics data sub-group: Roxana Merino Martinez (HEAP)
  • Chemical exposome sub-group: Richard Hulek (EXPANSE)
  • Medical and clinical data sub-group: Justiina Ronkainen (LongITools)
  • EHEN data catalogue sub-group: Morris Swertz (Athlete, LongITools)
May 17, 2022